Landscape Architectural Miniatures (AMSI Stuff)

AMSI has been in business manufacturing miniature landscaping materials for over sixty years. We are proud to have the reputation for making "The Best" quality materials available in terms of real colors occuring in nature, and long lasting colors that do not fade or degrade. Our reputation has been passed from professional to professional by word of mouth for decades.

Our customers include architects, professional model builders, hobbyists and miniaturists of all types. Our landscaping products appear in motion pictures and professional models all over the world.

With AMSI products, you can be assured that your beautiful projects will stay beautiful for years to come.


We carry over 1000 products for your miniature landscape projects.

  • Model Railroader
  • Architectural Modeler
  • Landscape Architect
  • Railroad Layout
  • Doll House
  • Model Trains
  • Dioramas Model


AMSI was started in the early 1950's by two professional model builders, Lila and Virginia who lived in San Francisco. They found it impossible to locate the true to nature colors they needed and decided to begin to make them for their own use in model building. Soon, their true to life colors of ground foam and miniature landscaping supplies became a successfull business of its own and AMSI, formerly Architectural Model Supplies Inc., was launched.

Ground Foam

AMSI makes our basic foam in three grades: Fine, Medium and Coarse. When ordering a color, use 1 for Fine, 2 for Medium and 3 for Coarse. Click Here for more information.
Landscape Architectural Miniatures

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