The tree shown at the right was made from the Big Tree Kit and the base is an original Landscape Minis design. It was our class project at the Tom Bishop Show in Chicago. The tree and base are available as a project for groups of four or more. This class requires two days. We also build custom trees for your specific needs.

Creative paper clay is fine porcelain slip and fine micro paper particles. It can be worked and re-wet to work again when project is dry. It can be carved, sanded, drilled and painted.

Small Paper Clay 20CLAY8 8oz Bar
Large Paper Clay 20CLAY16 16 oz bar

The wisteria vine that is pictured is the class project for the Tom Bishop Chicago Int'l Show. The arbor is of wood and the base is finished with creative paper clay stonework. This project was inspired by the real wisteria vine in my backyard.

Creative paper clay was used over rigid foam to create this cottage facade. We have several one day classes that combine paper clay with basic landscaping techniques. A facade class like the one pictured would take a 5 day class.

Rigid Foam 20203 - 1/2 “X 12” X24”
Rigid Foam 20204 - 1” X 12” X 24”