FLEX-TURF & Terrain Brush

AMSI FLEX–TURF is one of our most popular products. It is a foam mat 1/8" thick covered with our blended colors and will fit over hills and curves without wrinkles.

  • 7010 Green
  • 7020 Gray
  • 7030 Brown
  • 7040 Tan
  • Each Piece is 12” X 24”
Terrain Brush is a 1/4" thick foam mat covered with a blend of colors in medium and coarse grades. It can be used in ravines, going up mountains, as planting groups or as flower beds. It can be cut to size, feather edges and blend into other topography.

The picture shows terrain brush being cut to size.

  • 8oA - Sage Brush (Light Greenish Blue & Olive)
  • 80B - High Mountain Brush (Dark Blue Green & Olive)
  • 80C - Riverbank Green (Light Green & Grass Green)
  • 80D - Hill Country Brush (Grass Green)
  • Each Piece is 12” X 12”